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  • Attended Ft. Garland, CO 7 Day Straw Bale Workshop September 15-21!


Part of our mission is to explain and inspire others about the sustainable prefabricated straw bale construction and Coorie. Our door is therefore always open for questions, interviews, and other media requests.

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Construction Course & Design - 2/7/2020

When developing a new product, like a house or an app, we could use many different ways to track issues and manage the project. One way is to look at a software development process. For example, Coorie Home is progressing into the Design (Feature) phase:

Idea > Design (Feature) > Code > Test > Release > Feedback

The Acceptance Criteria, or the formal set of rules for the phase, for the Design phase, are what we established on our Coorie page: Sustainable & cozy prefabricated straw bale home. The Coorie Homes will be built with the Coorie ethos to connect the family to nature in sustainable coziness.

Note that we are not in the Code phase as the Code phase would be actually building the product.

Let us know how you think about these Acceptance Criteria. Does it resonate with you? What would be an alternative? While we might be done with the Idea phase, the whole process repeats itself at all stages of the product release by using feedback loops. One such feedback loop in Software development is accomplished by writing a Manual Test Cases scenario:

Case Name: Construction Class

Setup: Enroll in 4-week course to get OSHA 10 certificate

Steps #1 Name: Complete course

Step #1 Expected Outcome: Show up on time 4x per week, from 5 to 8pm for 4 weeks

Step #2 Name: Network with partner companies

Step #2 Expected Outcome: At the graduation, network with potential companies, ask about prefab construction techniques, Straw Bale techniques, and how IT departments work within the construction company.

Step #3 Name: Share Learnings

Step #3 Expected Outcome: Create a video about my experience and reflect on what I learned

Teardown: Use what I learned in the Constitution Class to improve Coorie Home.

DefinitionsCase Name: Named appropriately and easy to find it later. Like Feature and then Action. Test Step: An individual thing to do in the test. Should be very atomic, do one thing, expect another thing to happen after that. Be very descriptive of what exactly should happen. If something is assumed to not be obvious, then write it in the Test Step. Expected Results: What the expected result of the software is after performing a step. Should be the major part of the feature. Setup: Steps to take to get the test prepared and ready to execute.Tear Down: Cleanup steps after a test is completed. Important for leaving a clean slate for later tests.

Howdy - 10/14/19

Dear Customer,

As Coorie Home starts on the journey of creating sustainable & cozy prefabricated straw bale homes, we want to invite you to feel free in giving feedback as we share this journey. Please let us know what you think!



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