A coorie wee hoose.

Coorie is Similar to the Scandinavian hygge, but more Scottish.

Coorie is a feeling. Its like the coziness that you get when after spending a day outside, probably in the rain, you sit down for your tea with the sunset light streaming into the living room. 

Coorie does not have be expensive. 

Just like taking a train into the highlands, you are transported into nature. 

The simple pleasure of sustainable living is a what we at Coorie Home strive for. 

"Gabriella Bennett, author of The Art of Coorie, says the word is "used to describe a feeling of cool, contemporary Caledonia. One that looks forward while also paying respect to our oldest traditions". 

The aim is "to try to lead a quieter existence where the endless pursuit a work is balanced by small pleasures," she wrote in The Times. Swapping the anxiety and stresses of the modern world for something simpler is the crux.

Unlike Hygge, which is more of a cosy contentment, Coorie is about embracing the outdoors." Read more here.

Sustainable & cozy prefabricated straw bale home.

Homes built with the Coorie ethos connect family to nature in sustainable coziness.

Home redefined

Homes have not seen a revolution in over a hundred years.

Time for something old but new.

In 2018, Blake introduced the solution: a prefab straw bale home in which coorie ethos is embed. Due to rapid construction times, the prefab straw bale home can be built faster than a normal home. Straw bale are energy saving , environment friendly, and are better than regular construction.

How prefab works

Our work is simple: bale straw, put bales into wood panels, raise the panel walls, make a modular panel for Coorie Home. 

Homes should be orderly, cheap and strong.

Why do we need the Coorie Home?

Nature captures, stores, and sustain future growth by storing energy, and so should your home.

We at CoorieHome.com think current home construction techniques are not sustainable. 

We should connect with nature and each other more.

Fast to build

As convenient as a bothy

High health standards

Sustainable construction